Neha Babbar

Founder/Pilates Instructor

Neha is the founder of Eat Pray Pilates Studio and a Pilates instructor as well. She is a passionate Pilates advocate and a big foodie. Neha completed her Cert IV in Pilates from Breathe Education. She was a chef in her past life and is a mum to a beautiful 4 year old.

Once a gym junkie, Neha would attend the gym and group fitness classes everyday but when she realized it was getting too much for her body, she started looking for an alternative and discovered Pilates and Barre.

“I was looking for an alternative to the gym so I tried Reformer Pilates sessions and fell in love with Pilates instantly.

I am super excited to share my love and passion for Pilates with every person that visits Eat Pray Pilates Studio.”

Her classes are usually fast paced and dynamic. Neha likes to experiment with both classical and contemporary styles.

Meet the team

Our Trainers are Fitness & Wellness Professionals, equipped with a deep understanding of the human body. They bring to the team their own expertise in Pilates or Yoga.


Sab grew up in The Netherlands and lived in a whole bunch of countries before settling in Melbourne in 2012. She started her yoga journey when living in France to help manage a spinal injury. Her continuous Yoga and Pilates practice were the only forms of movement that provided relief for her back pain, and she has never looked back. Yoga and Pilates have taught her how to listen to her body, how to improve her posture, and how to keep her body and mind strong, resilient and flexible. In her own words, yoga and Pilates help her stay balanced in a fast-paced world. Her personal experience has given her the passion and inspiration to help other people feel at their best. It is her mission to help you move better, sleep better, feel happier, and breathe better. Sab believes there is no such thing as 'the perfect posture' - whether in yoga or Pilates. There is however a PERFECT POSTURE FOR YOU.


Iva started attending reformer classes in January 2021 just for herself as she had heard numerous benefits for back pain and recovery. Needless to say, Iva has been hooked and in September’21 enrolled to become a reformer instructor! She is an interior designer and fitness instructor so transitioning to reformer was pretty smooth as she had 3 years of instructing experience and is a naturally outgoing person 🙂 Iva’s hobbies include eatingShe is a huge outdoor lover so when the weather is nice, you'll find her cycling, hiking or swimming in nature! Iva’s favorite quote is Mies Van Der Rohe "Less is more" and one thing weird she likes to do – she eats everything with her hands including noodles.

Isabella Mercuri

Isabella has been practising Pilates for years and decided to complete her Certification in 2020 with Breathe Education. She loved💓 the way Pilates created a mind-body connection for her, and how it fosters wellness in all areas her life. She was astounded how strong and empowered it made her feel! Isabella’s classes are considered, fun 🤸‍♂️and flowy . She believes creating class flows is a fun way to explore creativity! She loves the sense of community Pilates creates, enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories. When not teaching pilates, you will find Isabella spending time in nature☘️🌾🍀, and working in Youth Work and Outdoor Education👯‍♂️👯‍♀️. Catch Isabella every Tuesday evening at the Studio and enjoy a cool 😎 flow.

Ashleigh Cunningham

Ashleigh discovered Pilates back in 2011 when a ballet teacher suggested it would help her to gain increased strength and mobility which in turn would improve her dancing. She instantly fell in love with Pilates and the way that she was able to gain strength and power without compromising on flexibility or range of movement and knew that it would forever be part of her life. Throughout her dancing career Ashleigh continued to take part in regular Pilates practice and during the lockdown in 2021 she decided it was time to complete her cert IV in Mat work and Reformer Pilates through Breathe Education. Ashleigh now strives to help others discover just how powerful, strong and confident Pilates can make you feel and hopes to create a class environment where everyone feels comfortable to move freely, challenge themselves and maybe even surprise themselves with how much they are capable of.

Marilyn Goh

The love of movement—and the original classical Pilates method—was what got me down this amazing rabbit hole of flow, fitness and practice all those years ago. Pilates in particular, offered what so many other modalities didn’t: an-almost meditative focus on technique, form and control that’s akin to a form of movement magic in its own right, while providing a way of helping to manage several injuries that I sustained over the years. Moving into teaching movement seemed like a natural step thereafter and another way of exploring creativity—in particular, a combination of classical and contemporary Pilates—through flows.
Not only do we live and breathe a healthy and fit lifestyle ourselves, we have helped thousands of women all over the world achieve their health and fitness goals and transform their lives.
Eat Pray Pilates Team