Pilates Classes Preston

We offer a variety of sessions and classes to fit your schedule.

The benefits are vast. Both workouts can increase overall health, leading to a better quality of life. As with any exercise, proper form is crucial.

How to get Started ?

We offer a variety of classes to suit various skill levels.

OPEN REFORMER is a good starting point if you are new to Pilates. We offer REFORMER DYNAMIC sessions as well for the more experienced clients.

 Our instructors are here to help, regardless of your fitness levels. We know the reformer beds are bit intimidating at first, but we assure that your trainer will make the first session flow smooth as a breeze.

Our open reformer classes are technique focussed and great for newbies to get a hang of our style and to get familiar with the reformer.

If you prefer a more personalised session or want to work out solo, we also offer 1:1 and 2:1 sessions.

What to Expect?

If you have never been to a reformer Pilates class before, it may be a bit intimidating to see all the equipments/props, but an instructor will guide you through. You can perform a vast range of exercises on the reformers, using the springs and props to make it a challenging and fun workout.


Our group classes provide a complete workout using the principles of Classical Pilates. The classes tone and firm up the entire body, build core strength and assist with weight loss as well. The springs can be adjusted to different resistance levels to suit the individual needs.

How to Prep ?

  • Sign up and purchase an Intro Offer pack (5 classes for $55.00, valid for 2 weeks from the 1st class)
  • Book your classes for the next two weeks
  • Wear comfortable activewear for the session
  • Grip socks are optional but highly recommended. We sell them in studio as well if you wish to purchase. You can work out bare feet too if you prefer.
  • Please arrive 10 mins early so we can show you around and give you a quick run down of the reformer as well.
  • Bring your own drink bottle and hand towel.
  • We have water refill station in the studio.
  • We have basics like – Deodorant, Hair Ties, Hair Pins etc. at the studio.
  • We have showers in the studio for your convenience too.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates doesn’t stress your body in the ways that lifting weights or other workout methods may, this is why everyone can do it. Your bones will strengthen, muscles will tone and firm, and you will look fit. 

But, most of all, as you work out and begin to feel better physically, we hope you will also begin to feel better mentally. You’ll stand taller, move with grace and most importantly, feel energized. One of the best things about Pilates is that it works so well for a wide range of people. 

Uber-athletes and dancers love it, as do seniors, fitness buffs, yogis, and women rebounding from pregnancy.

Pilates Classes


Reformer Open

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: All Levels

Pace: Moderate

Description: This class is designed for all levels of fitness/experience. It is a technique focused class, providing a full-body workout and all the benefits of Pilates (aka toning, strengthening, lengthening). Progressions and regressions are offered throughout the class to cater to all levels. It is a great starting point for new clients. Beginners are recommended to attend at least 10 Open Reformer sessions before moving on to Reformer Dynamic.


Reformer Cardio

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: All

Pace: Fast

Description: Looking for a great SWEAT session with all the other benefits of Reformer Pilates?? Look no further and book yourself into a REFORMER CARDIO session and leave the rest to your trainer. Each session will be a surprise pack of either cardio circuits or bursts of cardio exercises woven within the class flow OR even better jumpboards. You will only find out what you are in for after coming to the class. This class is suitable for all levels of experience except pregnant clients.

Reformer Dynamic

Duration:45 minutes

Level: Intermediate (Not suitable for beginners or clients with existing injuries)

Pace: Fast

Description: If you are ready to take your Pilates practice to the next level, then join this fun, fast paced class, designed to provide a full body workout and push your limits. Sweat is guaranteed. This session will include cardio/HIIT elements to get your heart rate up. Expect no breaks in between. Variety of props used in this class to spice things up.


Reformer - Stretch & Release

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: All Levels

Pace: Slow to moderate

Description: This class is designed to stretch and release the tired body, utilizing the reformer and Pilates exercises. It will leave you feeling recovered, restored and energized. Great for improving flexibility and mobility.


Reformer - Mums & Bubs

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: New mums and mums to be

Pace: Slow-moderate

Description: This small group class is designed for our new mums and mums to be. Classes are designed with consideration to all the pre/postnatal guidelines and are run by a qualified pre/postnatal instructor. Bubs under 12 months can accompany mum to this session. Pregnant clients will require a doctor’s clearance past the first trimester to participate in this session.

Reformer Open (Mamma Friendly)

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: All levels + Pregnant Women

Pace: Moderate

Description: This class is the same as our signature reformer Open with the exception that pregnant women can also join the session along with everyone else.


Reformer Open (Females Only)

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: All levels

Pace: Moderate

Description: It is our signature Reformer Open class for female clients only.

Please Note: 

  1. Pregnant Clients, please bring a doctor’s clearance letter before attending the first session.